The Lost Art of Letter Writing….An Adventure From Your Very Own Home!

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Life is hectic, especially the life of a parent in the spring time.  I’m really not sure why things hit a fever pitch in the spring but I find myself overwhelmed trying to juggle my job, the gym, yoga, PTA meetings and the social life of my sixteen year old.  I approach the calendar each day with the eye of personal assist trying to assure the boss’s success.  Yesterday I was so efficient I actually brought my daughter to an event a whole week EARLY!  How is that for good?  (I thought it was funny….hey, at least we weren’t late!)  When I commiserate with other parents it is clear that we are all feeling the same thing…..rush! Rush! Rush!  Multitasking always, feeling accomplished when we can “check things off of our list.”

This is seems to be the accepted way of life in 2017.  Fast is better.  Multi-tasking is the norm. Electronic calendars, emails and reminders run our lives.  It kind of makes me sad and I try hard to be mindful of this. What happened to the days of old when life was slow and sweet and people had time to really connect with one another?

I was really reminded of how much I long for some of these connections when I had a conversation with a friend on Saturday morning.  She was sharing that this year instead of giving holiday gifts to her long list of loved ones; she vowed to write ONE handwritten note per month this year.  Huh!  I thought, interesting idea.  My friend Ann went on to explain the joy these letters were bringing to those who were lucky enough to receive them each month.  It really got me thinking.

It really is true.  Not many people take the time to write handwritten notes anymore.  Email is the way of the world for correspondence, invitations, even thank you notes. It is quick, efficient and totally acceptable.  However, as I pondered Ann’s plan I realized that something special is being lost by using email instead of letters.  It made me think of old fashioned love notes written on beautiful stationary, tied with fancy ribbons.  It reminded me of historical letters, left to posterity, primary resources, able to help us learn about life before us. I began to dream of sealing wax, quill tipped pens and beautiful vellum papers.

Think about it.  When was the last time you went to your mailbox and found something that made your heart sing?  If you are like me, your mailbox is filled with catalogs, bills and advertisements.  Every once in a while there is an invitation but recently even those come through evite.  I decided I was going to take Ann’s idea and start a movement.

So here is my plan.  I propose this to all of you who are reading this blog. Let’s bring happiness back to our mailboxes.  Let’s really connect, in a way that shows we care enough to take the time to sit down and hand write a note and mail it to a loved one.  Imagine the joy we will spread!  When someone receives your note, not only will their heart be filled but I am certain it will prompt a phone call to you.  The phone call will surely make you smile. You’ll feel reconnected and it will allow both of you to cherish what really matters in our lives; the people we love!

I’m heading out today on a search for some pretty papers and note cards.  Maybe I can even find some that have my monogram on them.  I’ll be thinking about who I am going to send my first letter to.  I can’t wait to see if this brings the smiles I am anticipating.  Won’t you join me in this old fashioned idea?  Think of the joy we’ll spread!!!



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